Instructions for our Sublimation Transfers

Directions for Garments 

Please see our YouTube for other tutorials on different items you can sublimate on.

Adjustments may need to be made depending on your brand heat press and its abilities!!!
- Preheat press to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204 degrees Celsius.
- Press garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles.
- Use a lint roller to get loose fibers off the garment. (VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP!!)
- Place a piece of butcher paper inside of the shirt.
- Place your sublimation transfer face down on your garment.
- Place a piece of butcher paper on top of the design (Teflon sheets are not recommended)
-Press for 60 seconds at medium to firm pressure.


***Please remember that all heat presses are different and may require a time/temperature adjustment.
- Peel hot (You can purchase heat resistant gloves on amazon for your protection.)

-DO NOT reuse the same transfer sheet, it only works one time.

-DO NOT reuse the same butcher paper as the ink bleeds. 

You could risk the chance of staining your shirt and/or heat press.

-DO NOT use a household iron, it must be a heat press of some sort, you’ll need the high tamp and medium/firm pressure. 

We do not accept any returns, however if there is an issue please contact us prior to leaving a review. If we missed something we will make it right! 

If there are any questions please ask PRIOR to pressing.